Each year the Maryland Clean Energy Center recognizes individuals who have done outstanding work to advance clean energy and energy efficiency in Maryland. These awards celebrate leadership, partnership, advocacy, investment and overall championship of the sector.

Nominations have closed for the 2018 Maryland Clean Energy Awards.
See below for scholarship information.

Award categories include:

  • Clean Energy Champion of the Year individual who demonstrated vision and proactive leadership to advance clean energy generation and adoption of energy efficiency practices, encouraged the success of the industry sector, and heightened or improved consumer awareness in support of the clean energy economy.  
  • Advocacy Award An individual, group or organization that actively engaged in advancing and improving opportunities for business expansion, policy, regulation, job creation, work force development and  investment in the clean energy sector. Elected and appointed officials are eligible for this special acknowledgement.
  • Partnership Award An individual, group or organization that has committed laudable resources to encourage the success of MCEC and its mission; or has facilitated successful partnerships among stakeholders in the state to advance the adoption of clean energy products, services or technologies, and energy efficiency practices.
  • Innovator of the Year An individual or startup that brings new technologies, products or services to the market in Maryland. The award places special focus on efforts that involve the development of new intellectual property, innovative business practices or integration of products or services.
  • Capital Partner of the Year An organization providing significant capital to clean energy or energy efficiency projects, or an investor who has helped bolster investment in Maryland clean energy companies.
  • Bright Light Awards Individuals or organizations that shine for their contribution in efforts to remove barriers to success in the clean energy sector. Examples include: promoting the MCEC mission, bridging gaps between industry and policy, facilitating partnerships to advance adoption of clean energy, mobilizing grassroots initiatives, creating game-changing clean energy or energy efficiency initiatives, or serving as a clean energy educator.

Awardees will be announced on October 9, at a luncheon during the Maryland Clean Energy Summit 2018.


Notable students can apply for an MCEC Next Generation Scholarship!

Students who have demonstrated a particular interest in clean energy or environmental protection or who have a desire to pursue a related career in these fields are eligible to apply. This scholarship specifically recognizes a leading youth attending a Maryland school as a high school junior or senior or an undergraduate who wishes to pursue a degree in environmental policy or law, energy engineering, or a related field. Applicants may include leaders of sustainability teams in schools or communities, researchers focusing on next generation clean energy technologies, aspiring entrepreneurs developing new business models and more. The successful candidate will receive a scholarship from MCEC provided through the  generosity of the Butz Foundation. This Next Generation Scholarship will be presented at the AWARDS LUNCHEON beginning at Noon on Tuesday, October 9 at the MCEC Summit 2018.

To apply, email your application to Letters of support for applicants may also be submitted and are encouraged.  

Deadline to apply is September 13, 2018.

For more information contact MCEC at 443-949-8505 or

Next Generation Scholarship Award

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